What He’ll Do for You

George will evaluate the landlord’s asking terms and help you develop a negotiation strategy based on your capabilities, your needs and your practice goals. He’ll educate you about the lease negotiation process, help you identify your options, hold your hand and do all of the Letter-of-Intent, business terms negotiating for you, working diligently to secure advantageous economic terms and long term occupancy security for you at the lowest possible cost.

Having learned first-hand what landlords need and how they negotiate, George will apply a practiced, non-assaultive negotiation methodology to get into the landlord’s head – and into his pocket – securing rental concessions for you often worth tens – sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars while, at the same time, shielding you from the actions of unscrupulous brokers and landlords.

How You Will Benefit.

Your modest investment in George’s services will yield a substantial return measured in:

  • Lower  rental costs:
  • Long-term occupancy security:
  • Minimal chair time disruption:
  • Less confusion and stress:

How Much You Will Pay.

When negotiating for space that is not already built out as a dental office, George charges a performance fee equal to 10% of any “savings” that he secures in negotiation, with a minimum Initial Fee that is deducted from any performance fee that he might earn if a lease is signed.

When negotiating – or renegotiating – for space that is already built out as a dental office, such as with a lease renewal or as part of a practice acquisition, his compensation is tailored to the specific circumstance.

When to Call George.

Ideally, you should call him before you search for space or speak to brokers or landlords. He can then assist you in developing your location, site and space criteria and your negotiation “posture” (negotiation attitude). Organizing your property criteria will help you prioritize the critical elements of your search so that you don’t waste valuable chair time considering inappropriate opportunities. And developing your posture will preclude your signaling the landlord or his agent that you are eager. If you have already found a location,, call George immediately – before you have any more conversation with the broker or landlord. And whatever you do, don’t submit any proposals or offers and don’t sign anything!

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