Negotiate for New Space that is not already built out as a dental office

Once you have concluded that the property of interest is demographically viable for your use, meets your other location site and space criteria and is available in your time frame, the process George employs  on your behalf to negotiate a lease for new space typically entails the following steps:

  1. Gather information about the physical attributes of the property and the space
  2. Secure a written declaration of the landlord’s “asking terms”         
  3. Establish negotiation goals
  4. Determine the nature of “leverage” that each side may hold
  5. Create a negotiation posture and strategy
  6. Advance and prosecute that negotiation strategy employing consistent message management skills and proven communication techniques

George’s overarching goal is to secure a lease for the desired property which guarantees you cost effective occupancy security under the very best terms and conditions possible to support your long term business vision.   Any negotiation of the lease is best accomplished if you secure professional assistance before anyone speaks to the broker or landlord and before any proposals or offers have been submitted. Otherwise, a premature inquiry or comment, however innocent, might inadvertently send a signal to the landlord that is injurious to the negotiation process and leave you in a disadvantageous position.

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