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Dr. Griggs specializes in associate buy-in, associate buy-out, practice merger, practice valuation, and practice sale strategies. Dr. Griggs helps dentists on a national basis to secure a win-win transition. Dr. Griggs’ book, Successful Practice Transitions, is a national best-selling book from PennWell Publishers (Dental Economics magazine).

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W. David Griggs DDS & The Transition Group
105 Harrison Avenue
Belleair Beach, FL 33786

Dental Practice Management consultants help you achieve the practice of your dreams. An international consulting firm, JMI offers vast experience, dental practice growth, and unique solutions.

Dentalcompare is the leading internet resource for dental professionals, providing side-by-side product comparisons along with in-depth articles and reviews to inform and educate even the most discerning dental professional. Dentalcompare succeeds by merging the medical expertise of practicing dentists with the business savvy of high-tech professionals to provide a one-stop shop for all your dental needs.

Design Ergonomics

The leaders in high-performance dental office design

Because Design Ergonomics was founded by a dentist who is also a leader in dental productivity, we are uniquely qualified to understand your office design needs. Not just pretty pictures, our dental office designs represent a highly-integrated synthesis of current dental knowledge and technology. Call us at 1.800.275.2547.

James A. Strapko

Architecture * Space Planning * Interior Design

General and Cosmetic Dentistry * Orthodontics * Pediatric Dentistry * Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery * Endodontics * Prosthodontics

The Dental Trader is a monthly ad periodical sent to nearly 32,000 California dentists. Doctors may place free ads, companies can advertise for as little as $20. It features everything from A to Z and read by dentists when they are shopping.

Dick Chwalek • Niche Dental

Marketing consultant specializing in dentistry

(866) 453-1026

Dick’s dental marketing consulting and coaching techniques identify strategies and solutions for fast results and long-term goal attainment. Niche Dental gives dental practices and dentists the tools to standout and succeed by defining and strengthening their brand as well. Effective brands correctly position the dentist’s expertise, service niche, and overall practice environment for the public and their patients to understand clearly and respond efficiently.

Gundelach & Associates

Gundelach and Associates has been serving the Dental community since 1984. We are engaged in the business of providing professionals with Business Management services and information designed to assist doctors and their staff in increasing their patient base and improving marketing effectiveness, operational efficiency and profitability.

Medical Practice Brokers
Practice Sales and Evaluations


Dental Design & Construction, located in New york offers a complete suite of services that are specifically designed to help ease the creation of your new dental practice, from start to finish.

Our team has the design experience to help you with the complexities of building or remodeling. We can help you save time and eliminate unexpected design and construction costs by getting your project started in the right direction .

Integrated Dental Design

Summit Contracting, Ltd

Amy Smith Consulting, LLC

Practice management consulting services from an experienced dental consultant will help guide your practice to a greater level of profitability and a lower level of stress. As an experienced consultant, I focus on helping you assess your practice and identify opportunities for growth. Identifying these opportunities is only the first step, however. What separates my consulting services from many others is my personal involvement in implementation. I will work with you and your staff on-site, not only putting systems in place but also providing you with the training and support you need to effectively implement necessary changes that will lead to sustained growth and increased productivity and profitability.

Nationwide Service * Performance-Based Fees * Satisfaction Guaranteed

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